Стул Селин предназначен для релаксации и времени, посвященного чтению. современная интерпретация классического Бержер. Результат творчества неповторимого итальянского дизайна. Стул сделан из дерева,  поверх нанесен словй полиуретанового композита  и синтетического волокна. Материал обивки, ткань или кожа 




Год : 2015

Материал :ТканьДеревоПолеуретанКожа

Размеры: L 73 cm – P 80 cm – H 80 cm


For Rike Scholle, it began with an exhibition of the work of American artist Dale Chihuly. “I hadn’t encountered blown glass sculptures before” she explains. “It immediately sparked something, ideas began formulating. I was in a different career then, anxious to discover if I could acquire the skills. It took a few years before my first classes in glassblowing. Then I was hooked.” Working with 1200-degree Celsius globules of glass, Scholle twists sinuous natural forms – myriad component pieces that are then arranged into expansive statements that take a life of their own when complete.

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The word Tala originates from an African concept of Conservation Through Beauty. The company was founded by four friends at the University of Edinburgh with a shared passion for design, technology and sustainability.