SOLAR STORM for SCHÖN! magazine


Will style matter in a post-apocalyptic world? And if it does, what will it look like? Forget the functional, dishevelled looks featured on the Walking Dead, fashion photographer Martin Tremblay’s vision is spectacularly haute couture—if somewhat less practical. After all, if the end of days were near, wouldn’t we all want to go down wearing Channel?

Tremblay’s inspiration came from the story/hoax claiming NASA had predicted that a massive solar storm would plunge the world in darkness for six days in December 2014. “I didn’t care if it was true or not,” he says. “I just looked for the sickest place in the world to shoot.”

He found it at 4,207 metres, at the top of Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano on the island of Hawaii, and home to the most powerful telescopes in the world. Nothing or little ever grows among the cinder cones and lava rocks, but the broad volcanic landscape provided Tremblay with the perfect setting.

Captured through the telescopes of the University of California and shot with Tremblay’s exceptional eye for the unexpected, the photos of Solar Storm actually make us gasp. The models themselves seem to be straining to breathe. Is there a correlation, or a message, here, about the rarefied air of the high-fashion world? Or are we just looking for meaning where there is (and what’s wrong with that?) just pure, unadulterated beauty. After all, at the end of the day—or days as it were—it’s all any of us can hope to leave behind. Tremblay certainly will.

Solar Storm is featured in Australian magazine NOI.SE. Actually more of a high-end coffee-table book, NOI.SE showcases the best in fashion, design, culture and art from around the world.  

Designers include: 5 Min Wu, Laruelle, Jacquemus, Travis Taddeo, Kris Vanassche, Maison Matthew Gallagher, Marie Saint-Pierre, Viktor & Rolf and Chanel.

Martin Tremblay’s work has been published in several international magazines including Zink Canada and Schön! UK., and has won several prestigious awards.

#NOI.SE fashion magazine

Photographer Martin Tremblay / PINCH   

Art Direction Martin Tremblay / PINCH 

Stylist Izabel Soucy / Dulcedo

Ast stylist Valery Brousseau

Makeup Marika D’auteuil use Mac Cosmetics & Make up for ever


Hairstylist Patrick G Nadeau use Davines product

Ast hair Sonny Molina

Models Ran Cheng / Dulcedo

Ast photographer Guillaume Lepine & Daphné David

Retouch Visual Box & Pinch 

Location Mauna Kea summit Hawaii 

Russian-born Kristina Varaksina has resided in the USA since 2010 and currently lives and works in New York. Varaksina’s focus is to capture human emotion and the psychological impressions of her subjects' mind – permitting the characters to project their internal reality. Works undertaken are keen to explore a female and child perspective, evoking their thoughts, dreams and hopes.

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Ho iniziato questo progetto il 7 dicembre 2014 cercando di realizzare una foto a settimana, che facesse uscire quello che c'è nella mia testa, partendo da qualcosa che mi circonda, e rielaborandola con la mia immaginazione e fantasia onirica.

VISIT FINLAND A project shot for promotion of Finland as a travel/holiday destination. Post production by Saddington & Baynes. Art Director; Ville Granroth