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Adiga Sheshan

Sheshan means "horse behaving". The dance is a fast piece with (4:4) time signature; this particular piece is played differently by pulling the Bellows of the Pshina (accordion) in and out rapidly to create an Off Beat Rhythm which produces a Rhythm two times faster than its time signature, and the word shishan is a Circassian word and it is not linked to Chechen.

Kafa is a piece with (4:4) time signature, and usually this piece demonstrates the relationship between the Challa (male) and the Pshasha (female), this relationship which is built out of love, cooperation and strength. Usually 'Kafa' is the main piece to be played in a 'Djagu' (a Circassian wedding or any Circassian gathering) and there are more than 100 kafas written by different Circassian artists.

Performed by
Lisa Harshuk Pshepi
Directed By : Andy Abzah, Greg Kotler
Dop: Andy Abzah
Editor: Greg Kotler
Produced By: Kasafilms

Вороков Владимир Халидович. Секретарь Союза кинематографистов РФ, Председатель Союза кинематографистов КБР; Заслуженный деятель искусств Республики Северная Осетия–Алания; Член 4-х Академий; Дважды Лауреат Государственной премии КБР; Почетный гражданин г.Нальчика; Почетный гражданин г.Чегем; Почетный гражданин г.Терек; Почетный академик РАЕН РФ.

Original French antique print with a wonderful portrait of a Russian Circassian man in traditional outfit. A rare tinted photographic print, taken from a booklet on Russia. It was produced with the process of zincography. About 120 years old.

Окончив Всесоюзный юри- дический заочный институт в Москве, с 1952 года вплоть до упразднения министерства юстиции в 1956 году (вновь образованного в 1970 г.) занимал должность министра юстиции республики. С 1956 по 1958 год являлся заместителем министра внутренних дел

The Awards Neslihan got the award as the most perspective actress among her young colleges for featuring “Ilk Ask”. The film “Araf” brought her several awards more.

Линза Кумахова — открытие профессора, доктора физико-математических наук Мурадина Кумахова. Революционный прорыв в Рентгеновской оптике.