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Adiga Sheshan

Sheshan means "horse behaving". The dance is a fast piece with (4:4) time signature; this particular piece is played differently by pulling the Bellows of the Pshina (accordion) in and out rapidly to create an Off Beat Rhythm which produces a Rhythm two times faster than its time signature, and the word shishan is a Circassian word and it is not linked to Chechen.

Kafa is a piece with (4:4) time signature, and usually this piece demonstrates the relationship between the Challa (male) and the Pshasha (female), this relationship which is built out of love, cooperation and strength. Usually 'Kafa' is the main piece to be played in a 'Djagu' (a Circassian wedding or any Circassian gathering) and there are more than 100 kafas written by different Circassian artists.

Performed by
Lisa Harshuk Pshepi
Directed By : Andy Abzah, Greg Kotler
Dop: Andy Abzah
Editor: Greg Kotler
Produced By: Kasafilms

Deniz Akkaya is a Turkish top model, presenter, occasional fashion editor and disc jockey, entrepreneur, businesswoman, and actress who won Best Model of Turkey 1997. She is an ethnic Circassian, as the daughter of an Hatuqwai father and a Kabardian mother named Dinemyis (Apple of the eye in Circassian). In 2015, she was also entered in the Best of the Best as one of the Habertürk's top 20 winners

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Oz was born in 1960 in Cleveland, Ohio, to Suna and Mustafa Öz, who had emigrated from Konya Province, Turkey. Mustafa, born in Bozkır, a small town in central Turkey, earned scholarships that allowed him to emigrate to the United States

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