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Titre international: Bonfires and Stars

Titre original: Kostri i zvezdi

Section: Compétition Internationale Moyens Métrages

Durée: 57'

Pays: Russie

Année: 2016

Projection à VdR: World Premiere

Langue(s) : Russe


Pavel Karykhalin (Stereotactic)

Contact de vente

Alyona Bocharova (Beat Films)

Tél. +79263161100

Bonfires & Stars | Trailer

Moa Pillar, an electronic music artist, heads for the Caucasus in search of inspiration, and then to work with traditional Circassian musicians. Although he is looking forward to new encounters and discovering another culture, his guide, Bulat, constantly questions the value of this experience and the possibility of any dialogue between secular traditions and modern culture. For, too often, electronic music has been content to affix a mechanical rhythm onto samples of traditional music in order to make them ‘modern’. Moa Pillar’s project is driven by the ideal of dialogue and exchange, but the initial momentum of opening up to others can easily be transformed into mistrust, given how blurred the lines between appropriation and collaboration are.

Bonfires & Stars accompanies the two protagonists, coming to support the approach as much as it questions it. But beyond assisting, by completing the project to gather folkloric musical material and placing the character in the Caucasus’s grandiose and elusive landscapes, the film captures the pantheist mysticism that the musical project is attempting to find. 

Mourad Moussa 

director: Sasha Voronov

d.p: Ruslan Fedotow

sound: Vadim Kolosov, Olga Subbotina

producer: Pavel Karykhalin

production producer: Alisa Liudinshina

art-director: Olga Korsun

designer: Yuri Stepantcev

Moscow 2015

Deniz Akkaya is a Turkish top model, presenter, occasional fashion editor and disc jockey, entrepreneur, businesswoman, and actress who won Best Model of Turkey 1997. She is an ethnic Circassian, as the daughter of an Hatuqwai father and a Kabardian mother named Dinemyis (Apple of the eye in Circassian). In 2015, she was also entered in the Best of the Best as one of the Habertürk's top 20 winners

The purmagazine - Как рано проявляется интерес к творчеству именно в одежде? С чего он начинается?

В 1997 году стал финалистом программы Future Leader Exchange и поехал по обмену в США, где закончил среднюю школу, после чего вернулся на родину и продолжил образование.

Уже в XX столетии ни кто иной, как сам академик Мичурин, написал статью с красноречивым заглавием «Черкесские сады ждут своих селекционеров». «Об изумительном богатстве так называемых старых черкесских садов, – писал он, – мне известно давно.

Original French antique print with a wonderful portrait of a Russian Circassian man in traditional outfit. A rare tinted photographic print, taken from a booklet on Russia. It was produced with the process of zincography. About 120 years old.

Вороков Владимир Халидович. Секретарь Союза кинематографистов РФ, Председатель Союза кинематографистов КБР; Заслуженный деятель искусств Республики Северная Осетия–Алания; Член 4-х Академий; Дважды Лауреат Государственной премии КБР; Почетный гражданин г.Нальчика; Почетный гражданин г.Чегем; Почетный гражданин г.Терек; Почетный академик РАЕН РФ.