Ciarcassian Genocide

Nalmes Academia - Circassian Genocide Poster

Original French antique print with a wonderful portrait of a Russian Circassian man in traditional outfit. A rare tinted photographic print, taken from a booklet on Russia. It was produced with the process of zincography. About 120 years old.

Ali Maher (1958 – June 10, 2013) was an circassian artist, architect, teacher, and cultural icon in Amman, Jordan. At the time of his death, he was a commissioner of the Jordan's Royal Film Commission and founder of the Atelier Baba art school. In 2008, during his time as commissioner he obtained assorted material from the Jordan-Soviet Friendship Society. The material proved to be a valuable insight in the relations between Jordan and the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Maher also founded JAID, Jordan's first animation and industrial design studio.

В 1997 году стал финалистом программы Future Leader Exchange и поехал по обмену в США, где закончил среднюю школу, после чего вернулся на родину и продолжил образование. В студенческие годы возвращался в США набираться практического опыта, работая в кафе и клубах.

Sheshan means "horse behaving". The dance is a fast piece with (4:4) time signature; this particular piece is played differently by pulling the Bellows of the Pshina (accordion) in and out rapidly to create an Off Beat Rhythm which produces a Rhythm two times faster than its time signature, and the word shishan is a Circassian word and it is not linked to Chechen. Video facebook Video purevent Kafa is a piece with (4:4) time signature, and usually this piece demonstrates the relationship between the Challa (male) and the Pshasha (female)

The Purmagazine - Были ли в вашем роду артисты или кто-то связанный с эстрадой, с другим творческим искусством? На удивление в моем роду не так много..

Залина Лукожева Родилась и выросла в г. Терек в семье педагогов. Окончила факультет экологии КБГУ и защитила кандидатскую диссертацию по химии высокомолекулярных полимеров. Появление детей стало толчком к новому этапу творчества.