Paolo Cavinato, Hidden Steps

The Flat – Massimo Carasi is proud to present its fourth solo exhibition of works by Paolo Cavinato.

Offering an overview of new themes explored by the artist during the last year – which culminated with his recent residence and exhibition at the Institute of Italian Culture in Copenhagen – the artist's fourth solo exhibition in Milan presents a selection of works from different series that connect to one another on an ideal level, forming what could almost be seen as a single constellation.

In each of these series, "matter" plays a key role for Cavinato. In "Spatial Conditions" and "Endless Houses", it appears to be corroded, as if it has been expelled from a temporal vortex, and evokes memories of the Italian tradition, while it mutates into the glossy, reflective surfaces of "Hidden Steps" and "Wings" or shimmers like a hologram in the ideal space of "Continuous City". The fil rouge that connects these series is the persistent concept of a continuous research that progresses and evolves a process of transition from one insight to the next, leading once again to the concept of the threshold as a limit, boundary or edge, which converges in the artist’s work, distinguishing between interior and exterior dimensions. In "Spatial Conditions" small objects take us back to the Italian origins of spatial organization in the Medieval and Renaissance traditions, to a place where architecture and painting seem to merge into a single reality. In contrast, the series "Continuous City" echoes the spirit of Italo Calvino’s “ideal” cities, filtered by a futuristic vision of urban reality (with particular reference to Shanghai, where Cavinato lived and worked for the duration of a six-month artistic residency). Space is a place that extends without limits, where perspectives and viewpoints become multifold. The brand new “Wings” series (gold, silver or nickel plated brass) is the direct progression of “Continuous City” and “Interiors”, presenting small, three-dimensional, architectural extrapolations of the previous series. And finally, there is "Hidden Steps", a new mid-size sculpture that articulates the concept of the threshold that delineates contact between two adjacent temporal dimensions. 

Paolo Cavinato (1975) lives and works in Mantova and Copenhagen. After graduating from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera and completing a course in cinematography in Milan, since 2001 he has exhibited in several solo exhibitions (Milan, London, Berlin, New York), and since 1997 in as many collective shows (Brussels, Istanbul, China and USA). In 2005 he participated in the exhibition titled “Home”, an event hosted by the Istanbul Biennale and in 2008, he was awarded  3rd prize by the Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro in Milan. Cavinato has also been awarded by the Royal British Society of Sculptors of London, where he held a solo show in 2011, and has recently completed an artistic residency at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai. The artist’s works have been acquired and exhibited in numerous public and private spaces,         including: the Boghossian Foundation in Brussels, Artphilein Foundation in Liechtenstein, The Italian Institute of Culture in Copenhagen, Museo di Palazzo Ducale in Mantua and the Galleria Civica di Modena. Cavinato uses different forms of expression to create multi-sensory spaces or meditative places, into which he projects images of reality or imaginary viewpoints. His research began with an exploration of the concept of concrete, physical space, and has moved in more recent years, towards the notion of absolute space, where the viewer is attracted by and almost absorbed into the works – works which are sometimes synaesthetic, livable places or traversable spaces, sometimes a kind of limbo between finite and infinite, spaces in continuous flux, or simply, a silent void. 











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Paolo Cavinato

Hidden Steps Text by Christian Caliandro / Vernissage: Thursday, 17 November 2016, 6-9pm the artist will be present

November 18, 2016 > January 28, 2017  The Flat - Massimo Carasi

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 Wing #3 (gold), 2016, gold plated brass, h 37x38x22 cm

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Мурат Кабардоков — молодой композитор и музыкант, его произведения — неповторимое сочетание композиторского таланта, классики и адыгской самобытности в музыке. В 2011 году Мурат стал соавтором масштабного музыкального проекта «Симфония Кавказа», в 2013 году в возрасте 27 лет получил звание Народного артиста КБР. Номинировался на Госпремию РФ 2012 года в области искусства. Работал с симфоническими оркестрами: Лондонской национальной оперы, сборным оркестром Нидерландов, Мариинским театром, «Таврическим».

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