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Dots Obsession

Celebrating the 110th anniversary of Philip Johnson’s birth and the 10th anniversary of the opening of the architect’s iconic project to the public, The Glass House presents Yayoi Kusama: ‘Narcissus Garden’, a landscape installation that will be on view throughout the 2016 tour season. First created fifty years ago in 1966 for the 33rd Venice Biennale, this iteration of ‘Narcissus Garden’ will be incorporated into the Glass House’s 49-acre landscape. “We are honoured to be working with Yayoi Kusama, an artist Philip Johnson both admired and collected. This exhibition playfully engages the entire site, creating a celebratory mood for Philip Johnson’s 110th birthday and the 10th year since the opening of this museum,” said Irene Shum, Curator and Collections Manager at the Glass House. Narcissus Garden, comprising 1,300 floating steel spheres, each approximately 12 inches in diameter (30 cm) are installed in the Lower Meadow and forest, creating a dramatic view to the west of the Glass House. Drifting in the newly restored pond, the spheres move with the wind and follow the pond’s natural currents, forming a kinetic sculpture. Their mirrored surfaces reflect the surrounding Pond Pavilion (1962), wooded landscape, and sky. The Glass House also installed Kusama’s recently created enormous steel PUMPKIN (2015). “The first time I saw a pumpkin was in a farm in elementary school. In Japanese, a ‘pumpkin head’ is an ignorant man or a pudgy woman, but for me, I am charmed by its shape, form, and lack of pretension,” says the artist. ‘Dots Obsession – Alive, Seeking for Eternal Hope’ was a special installation that ran for a limited time from September 1st to 26th, where Kusama created an “infinity room” experience with the Glass House itself covered with polka dots. Visitors who attended the exhibition during this period were offered the unique experience to simultaneously see the world through the eyes of both Philip Johnson and Yayoi Kusama.

Series of renders for the V-HOUSE project, an high altitude art gallery. The geometric shapes that develop on multiple forms, find their identity in the timber cover architecture design. The pointed shapes and the inclinations interpret the surrounding landscape by simplifying the archetype of the Alpine skyline. The burned and brushed spruce surface finish, emphasizes even more the geometric essence of structure, through a full and empty pattern. This choice was dictated by a fundamental characteristic of the surrounding territory, the complete essence of plants and tall trees. These renders are part of a larger architectonical project which aims to create a small size exhibit environment, to be set on top of Col Margherita (in the Val di Fassa area).

"From Bits To The Lens" Book -- Beautiful 120+ hires imagery artwork, philosophy and processes behind the shortfilm in a 232 pages large format book.

Copenhagen home on the water, frames incredible views

Architects OFIS Architects, AKT II, Harvard GSD Students Location Skuta, 4206 Zgornje Jezersko, Slovenia Architects in Charge Rok Oman, OFIS architects; Spela Videcnik, OFIS architects Harvard GSD Student Design Team Frederick Kim, Katie MacDonald, Erin Pellegrino OFIS Architects Project Team Andrej Gregoric. Janez Martincic. Maria Della Mea, Vincenzo Roma, Andrea Capretti, Jade Manbodh, Sam Eadington Project Year 2015 Photographs Anze Cokl, Courtesy of OFIS Architects, Andrej Gregoric, Janez Martincic

Watch this video of large-scale project Quality Hotel Edvard Grieg, Norway.