SS17  Campaign 

Photography : Sonia Szóstak 
Assistant Photographer : Szymon Goslawski 
Assistant Stylist : Paulina Polly Kornas 
Models: Olga Nowotarska  & Karola Warzecha 
Make Up Artist : Gosia Sulima 
Hair : Michal Bielecki 
Creative Team : Maggie Szczepanska Bartek Szymkowiak Sinsay 
Production : Piotr Spodnik Kamila Lawniczuk / AFPHOTO 
Postproduction : Maciej Byczkowski

WHO IS HANNAH ? muse hannah hedberg stockholmsgruppen hair and makeup heiko palach style petra wiebe retouch bildergut BY ELIZAVETA PORODINA

Photo: Jvdas Berra Styling & Art Direction: Alonso Rivero Model: Nohemí Hermosillo

Ria Keburia is a creative nomad, a traveler transcending borders with her fashion, her creations and with the artists with whom she collaborates. Her fashion is a perpetual show, always new and she is constantly on search. Ria says «the pursuit of happiness around the world» she shares with her fans who follow her and all her adventures in curious, wonderful and theatrical world, making the past a future force

A MELANCHOLY TIME! SO CHARMING TO THE EYE! A melancholy time! So charming to the eye! Унылая пора! Очей очарованье! PHOTOGRAPHER: ANDREY YAKOVLEV

THE BEACH BEAUTIES Photographer: Edgar Berg Fashion Stylist: Heike Heldsdörfer Makeup/Hair: