NBA All-Star Kevin Love

Our studio is a content creation engine. We make dynamic action stills and motion of the world's best athletes. We push  these incredible subjects to deliver authentic performances. Capturing peak moments in both motion and stills simultaneously requires a coordinated production effort. We always have limited time, and reps, we use teams of creators (photographers and cinematographers) to capture multiple angles to ensure not a rep is wasted. 

So was the case on a October day in Los Angeles for Shock Doctor, a mouth guard company. With temperatures at 100 degrees and three hours from Kevin Loves’ arrival to departure our team had to be efficient and effective. The ask was to capture raw authentic and dynamic content of Kevin Love for social, web, print and broadcast. Our capture team included two cinematographers, a drone team, and two still photographers. Braving the heat and time we all worked together to walk away with some amazing footage. Efficient, effective, dynamic content creation. Hope you enjoy!   PLEASE NOTE THERE IS NO USE OF THIS CONTENT WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION!!!! © 2016 Tim Tadder