Firekites - Closing Forever Sky

Firekites - Closing Forever Sky

From the boundless desert plains through the storm and endless sand dunes to an infinite ocean, the creatures continue onward on their journey as though driven by unfaltering inner determination.

This music video is an artistic collaboration between the Australian band Firekites and us here at Headjam.

The visuals combine real footage with computer generated imagery to create a surreal and mysterious world with vast dramatic landscapes and strange mechanical creatures.

The work draws inspiration from Theo Jansen’s kinetic sculptures (StrandBeests), The minimalist desert landscapes that stage the subjects within many of Salvador Dali’s surrealist paintings and the sails and rigging from Chinese junk ships.

We would like to think it plays more like a short film than just a music video. In creating the piece, we felt it was important that the storyline remain ambiguous so that people could draw their own meanings from it. Let us know what you think it means or what it's in the comments below.