Devi Anna

is a Venezuelan Photographer residing in Ireland.

She specializes in Boudoir Photography, Jazz Photography and Fine Art.

A commercial and fine art photographer with a passion for erotic photography loving the true beauty of the female form.

The work exposed in this website also shows my endless thirst in my spiritual journey, making peace with my own duality.

I believe I am only an expectator, and I can only be present when producing ideas on images.   

Happiness is in the small things. Happiness is in the details. Wishing you all the happiness for years to come. "Eyes Wide Open" Splash Calendar 2017.

VISIT FINLAND A project shot for promotion of Finland as a travel/holiday destination. Post production by Saddington & Baynes. Art Director; Ville Granroth

Ho iniziato questo progetto il 7 dicembre 2014 cercando di realizzare una foto a settimana, che facesse uscire quello che c'è nella mia testa, partendo da qualcosa che mi circonda, e rielaborandola con la mia immaginazione e fantasia onirica.