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RK GALLERY POP UPS - THE AUGMENTED REALITY BOX – an illusionary space soaring in the clouds and serenaded by heavenly chorus. Each performer chants lines from a Georgian poem which float up into the ceiling. These mantras broadcast code into the sky to convene with God. In this new technological era which in some ways enables ever more rapid communication with other worlds and ultimately God. Audio gallery is a digital forum which serves as a direct metaphor for young people - “megobroba” “mijnuroba” “tavdadeba” - “love, friendship, courage” are the main themes of the poem. Through this digital format, Ria creates the illusionary space of young individuals who never lose the essence of hope. (pray for equality, pray for friendship, pray for courage). In collaboration with Tbilisi State academy of art, selected students have designed the garments of the very same ceiling, existing in an indeterminate phase between sky and cloud, these ethereal garments use Julian Roberts’ substraction cutting technique. Garments fade through space like water vapour itself creating a realm of spiritual calm. The performance acts as the spiritual pivot of the experience- like Valhalla, a space of spiritual cleansing. The Installation uses the GEORGIAN POEM SHOTA RUSTAVELI "VEBHISTKAOSANI" (The Knight in the Panther's Skin), performers cast mantras into the sky, praying for love, friendship and courage. Techniques used: Julian Roberts’ substraction cutting technique Performance garments: LAVEAU KILLY NINI GODERIDZE NINI ABASHIDZE

TALE OF FOUR CITIES A jewelry editorial for Harper's Bazaar Bride India Bikramjit Bose Photographer New Delhi, India

MADAME FIGARO SEPT.'16 fashion editorial realized for madame figaro sept.'16 special accessories

Exclusive editorial for muse LINA HOSS / PMA Models style JULIA FREITAG make up STELLA VON SENGER hair DEYCKE HEIDORN assistance JOSEF BEYER

Ria Keburia is a creative nomad, a traveler transcending borders with her fashion, her creations and with the artists with whom she collaborates. Her fashion is a perpetual show, always new and she is constantly on search. Ria says «the pursuit of happiness around the world» she shares with her fans who follow her and all her adventures in curious, wonderful and theatrical world, making the past a future force

BONNIE&CLYDE Short Film telling the story de Bonnie&Clyde revisited. A serie of photos goes with the video showing how we can handle still and vidéo on the same subject.

Filmed at The Plaza Hotel 1st Assistant: Alvaro Colom; 1st AC: Brian Leisring; 2nd AC: Kyle Taylor Steadicam Operator: Stew Cantrell