Via Drapperie 6


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One of the best things could happen to you when you walking into the narrow streets in Bologna, is losting yourself and then... arrive here, in this old traditional shop: the Pastificio Paolo Atti & Figli. Here, you can taste a good overview of Bologna's cooking, from salami to cheese, from bakery to pasta... and obviously the tortellini, the typical pasta, you can cook with broth (according the tradition) or with bechamel, prosciutto and boiled peas. The famous "Navel of Venus", a historical specialty and symbol of Bologna and its tasty cuisine around the world; tortellini are still made as they were long ago and packaged in the original art-nouveau box.They are stuffed with the Bolognese “DOC” filling described in the recipe submitted to the Chamber of Commerce and the Academy of Cuisine by the Confraternita del Tortellino: pork loin, ham, Bolognese mortadella, Parmesan cheese, chicken eggs, nutmeg.

This story come so far: since 1880, Paolo Atti & Figli produce bread as well as sweet and savoury delicacies for gourmets in Bologna and elsewhere. The shop in Via Drapperie 6 represents the old heart of the business that was founded in early 1800, and its original signs can still be seen. Over the years the business has expanded, without losing the original philosophy based on quality and the search for the best product. In addition to the shop in Via Drapperie, the company opened a big selling point in via Caprarie in early 1900. 
For being run by the same family since its foundation, keeping intact the original furnishings of the two shops and still being a meeting place for representatives of culture and gastronomy, the Atti company was admitted to the prestigious Associazione dei Locali Storici d'Italia (Association of historical establishments in Italy

Is it possible to book a guided tour inside our stores and production establishments to discover the roots of good cooking in Bologna, through the tasting and description of typical Bolognese products to be arranged each time depending on the season. Visits are open to individuals or groups of up to 15 people and last between 30 and 45 minutes.It is advisable to book early by calling +39 051 233349 or writing to 


Экологически чистый кофе, выращиваемый на лучших гватемальских плантациях без применения пестицидов, химических удобрений и ГМО. Кофе выращивается на фермах небольших размеров (50 -150 деревьев). Этот кофе считается органическим. Каждое дерево может давать 0,5-1 кг кофе в год.