Original French antique print

Original French antique print with a wonderful portrait of a Russian Circassian man in traditional outfit. A rare tinted photographic print, taken from a booklet on Russia. It was produced with the process of zincography. About 120 years old.

Autour du Monde
L. Boulanger, Editeur, Paris, France
ca 1895

Excellent condition with very minor yellowing along the edges. Small smudge in the lower right corner, in the margin, not affecting the image.
Good quality, matte paper.
Text in French.
Blank on reverse.
Approximate size:
- Page: 11.1/2 x 8.3/8 inches or 29 x 21 cm
- Illustration: 8.3/4 x 6.1/8 inches or 22 x 15.5 cm

This is an ORIGINAL print. Not a copy or reproduction.
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Prints make wonderful decorations for your home or workplace and are a great gift.
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